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Much of my work is with individuals, couples, and adolescents who are confronting depression, anxiety, and significant life changes.

I draw from family systems, human development, and attachment theory to help me see how my clients understand themselves.  My approach is a psychodynamic one, and my strategy makes use of methods such as Internal Family Systems, Hakomi, Authentic Movement, Sensory Awareness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Nonviolent Communication, and Focusing. 

My undergraduate studies in writing and literature at the University of Vermont reinforced my fascination with the ways people think and behave. A degree in psychology was clearly the next step.

My graduate work at the California Institute of Integral Studies emphasized somatic psychology. Somatic psychology adds deep awareness of our physical experience into the mix of tools for growing our self compassion and understanding. 

More recently I have become an Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner. This evidence-based method provides a framework within which individuals and couples alike can gain clarity in what might seem to be murky waters.

700 E Street, Suite 220-3, San Rafael CA 94941

700 E Street, Suite 220-3, San Rafael CA 94941

My office is just two blocks from San Rafael's Fourth Street.

Hours include evening and weekend appointments.

Parking is available on site.