The best way to contact me is to leave a phone message at my confidential voice mail.

(415) 339-7440

When you call, please leave: 

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  • If I get your voicemail when I return your call, I'll need to already know whether or not it’s okay for me to leave a message. So please say so in your message to me.

Please be aware that by using email or the form below, you are not guaranteed that your message will be confidential. If you would like to communicate with me by one of these means, please understand that you are accepting the limitations to confidentiality that are inherent to these forms of communication, and by doing so you are giving me permission to respond using email with it’s inherent risk of having our communication breached. I implement every means available to me for securing your confidentiality. It's also important that you consider your choice of communication. Calling and leaving a voicemail for me is the most secure means of communication. And you are welcome to consider other options which may work better for you. 


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Dorothy O'Leary, MFT

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