For Parents Living with Estrangement from an Adult Child


An Eight week group

Estrangement from an adult child can be devastating to a parent's hopes and dreams for that child, and their relationship with that child.

The pain of being cut off can be made worse by the shame that frequently accompanies it.

In this group, parents come together for support in finding balance and envisioning their lives moving forward.

Self-compassion is essential to finding balance in life. And our innate compassion for others can help us learn compassion for ourselves.

Nobody can predict whether any parent and child will be reunited. But you can care for yourself, cultivate a community of mutual support and move your own life forward with dignity and fulfillment.

Goals for the Group:

  • Cultivate empathy and compassion for ourselves and others.
  • Identify common ways of responding, internally, to triggering events. Learning constructive ways of reacting, outwardly, to those triggering events.
  • Identify what we want, what we can achieve on our own, and what is reasonable to expect from others.

This will be an intimate group of four to six members. It's important that all of the members are starting from a similar point in their process. When you call, we'll set a time to meet for an informational interview. I'll do my best to answer your questions. I'll also be asking about your story and how you've approached handling your concerns thus far. Call or email to schedule an informational interview: 415-339-7440,

Cost is $400 for the full eight weeks.